BirdTalkThe Joy of Bird Feeding: Interview on BirdTalk

Jim Carpenter, founder of Wild Birds Unlimited joins Scott and David Menough to talk about his book, The Joy Of Bird Feeding. The book is filled with useful information and illustrated with more than 800 images and 180 maps, The Joy of Bird Feeding is the essential guide for anyone who loves to feed the birds.

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John Fitzpatrick, director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, says “Nobody in the world knows more about the science and art of feeding wild birds than Jim Carpenter. This book not only contains a detailed 'best practices' guide taught by the master, but it also lets us share in the sheer joy with which Carpenter approaches his hobby-turned-profession. Cover to cover, this fact-filled manual is a delight to read.”

Scott Menough owns the WBU store in Denver, CO while David owns the Arvada, CO store. The brothers host the weekly BirdTalk radio show.